Money: The Copiosis time machine

Photo by Djim Loic on Unsplash

Money is a time compressor.

Some people who first discover Copiosis love it, but like paper in a hurricane, they’re overwhelmed by its enormity. Their love persists nonetheless, as they learn more appreciation grows.

The biggest tripping point for many happens when contemplating the how. How do you transition out of capitalism into Copiosis, won’t it take lifetimes?

But like the tired riddle “who’s buried in Grant’s tomb” the answer makes total sense, if had in advance. If not, almost always the riddle puzzles. The short answer: it happens fast relative to “lifetimes”. It’s easy. One need only know the “how” in advance.

We know the how. One way: money, the great time machine. This time machine doesn’t take one forward or backward in time. It compresses time, drawing “the future” nearer the present as though a black hole sucked it into the present.

Money well applied creates opportunities otherwise taking decades. Since proving our approach, we know applying money to our implementation plan compresses what ordinarily might take lifetimes. Combined with our luck-manufacturing approach money applied well makes Copiosis happen in one lifetime.

Unlike many other organizations of our type, we don’t rail against capitalism and money. We speak honestly about its features and benefits, but we don’t hate it or call it evil. We know money serves awesome purposes. One huge awesome purpose: it’s shortening time, thus making Copiosis happen sooner than most people imagine.

Money is Copiosis’ time machine.



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