No Trump, no Hillary, no Sanders

None of the aboveEditor’s Note: This is 5 years old. Still applies today.

Won’t it be nice when we can look back at times like these and say “remember when we used to vote for political leaders, people who were more into politics for their personal gain more than serving humanity?”

In the coming world there’s no need to have charismatic political leaders standing between what we as society want to have happen and what actually happens. Instead the Copiosis transition plan is creating a society where you and I are free to focus our energies on living enjoyable, healthy lives. In this society, people who want to see something happen either get to doing that thing, or they keep their opinions to themselves. If they want something done they will get the resources they need to do that thing, so long as what they intend will produce positive benefit for people and the planet.

I receive little inspiration from politicians these days. At 51, I’ve pretty much seen it all politically. Or at least I’ve seen enough to know not much (fundamental) change is going to come from people whose very livelihoods depend on things staying the same. That’s why I don’t get very excited anymore when someone like Sanders stirs the pot, or when a character like Trump leads the conservative pack. I’m no longer surprised when I read that Hillary Clinton has changed her mind as often as there have been stories about her hair or her fashion sense.

Yes, not too far into the future, we’re going to look back on the early 2000s. We’re going to look back and marvel that we put up with this chicanery, all designed to keep a system that has simultaneously done so much for us, and so little.

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