Of Course The World Can Work For Everyone

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The case for making the world workable for everyone is demonstrated in the persistence of ideas making it not that.

Those ideas came from somewhere, benefitted some number of people and thus, were perpetuated by the beneficiaries. Today, their momentum is apparent.

The same can be done for ideas that work for everyone.

Someone must put attention on the possibility, so that others see the possibility and subscribe to that. And so on until we realize enough people talking about a workable world, instead of people talking about not that.

We don’t need a perfect solution, although the world has one, to get significantly down a road that ends in a world that works for everyone.

And by “works for everyone” we simply mean a world where:

  • No one is in debt, yet all creditors are left better off than before the debt was created
  • Where everyone can live in a dwelling mortgage-free
  • Where high quality basic, healthy, delicious food is provided without them (or anyone else) paying for it
  • Where everyone is free to pursue whatever vocation they want because all the education they need, like basic necessities, is also provided.
  • Where everyone has high quality, health care that no one has to pay for
  • And where anyone who is wealthy today is far wealthier in the better world…and everyone else is too.

Of course, a world that works for everyone is not working for everyone if anyone is burdened or in any way harmed by the above. And so, in creating all of this, no one should have to pay for anything anyone else is receiving.

That is a world that works. For everyone.

It seems impossible.

But that’s only because when someone thinks about it these days, they don’t have a reference point allowing them to understand how this can be our everyday reality.

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When you live for thousands of years in a world where most things are provided by people being paid for their labor, and where you have to pay for the thing labor is providing, because the money labor is getting has to come from somewhere, then you become blind to other ways of making things happen.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any viable, better alternatives.

Today we have a citizenry that can’t see clear benefits to human health and well being of robust social programs.  That’s a problem. We think they can’t see the benefits because at the same time they think they have to pay for the programs. Which they do in today’s world.

But there is a way where no one has to pay for them.

Today we have a citizenry wherein each individual is debt laden; where they are at constant risk of bankruptcy should a serious medical problem arise; where young Americans can’t afford a home; and where nearly everyone suffers some number of mental, emotional and physical ailments.

And yet that same citizenry resists solutions to all these with knee-jerk reactions, reactions conditioned through indoctrination that tells them (falsely) that people will become lazy if they don’t have to work for their basic needs. That anything other than capitalism must be an anathema to what America stands for.

Our citizenry is fearful and worried and insecure.

So they look backwards for solutions to problems. But all they see are the causes of the problems we face. Today’s problems can’t be solved with past ideas.

Today’s problems need tomorrow’s solutions.

We think ours is the best available. But before you check that out, it will help to understand where we are currently.

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