Optimism = positive action = optimism

magic and changeThe more you work on something world-changing, the more it becomes reality. The more it becomes reality, the more excited you’ll become and will want to work on it more. That’s creating momentum.

But what’s really cool is this: take positive action to create something new, something better than what is, and in time you’ll find yourself feeling really good about the world. This, by far, is the biggest benefit of positive action. The world doesn’t need saving. Neither do its inhabitants, including humanity. Everything is working exactly how is should. If it weren’t, everything would be happening differently.

Why are we doing what we’re doing with Copiosis? Having fun. Creating something brand new, something that will create something that’s never been before. That’s fun. That’s interesting. That’s Copiosis.

Bottom line: What you choose to see in the world is all about your perspective. Change your perspective, and everything else will change. Not just your view of the world either: your perspective on how influential you are will change too.

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