Our mass fears quantified

People today are scared. Rich and poor, the big fears people are most worried about have nothing to do with wealth disparity, wage slavery, or racism. No. What they’re worried about, what they fear, are catastrophes.

So says the Global Challenges survey. The organization responsible for hosting the Global Challenges prize interviewed over 8,000 people in eight countries around the world. And the pressing issues globally recognized are those that could – in respondents’ mind – wipe out the species.

Perceived urgency
WMDs, politically motivated violence and climate change are ranked as top three risks to tackle urgently in all countries except India and China (Source:  Attitudes to global risks and governance 2017)

Who cares about wealth inequality if the planet is unlivable? Who cares about racism if the only race remaining is a bunch of nuclearized, mutant subhumans? And of course, no one wants to live through another devastating global war.

It seems to me the Global Challenges report has uncovered strong incentive for ideas such as Copiosis: ideas which offer viable transition strategies which solve these pressing problems. This survey, and whatever comes of the challenge prize PR could go a long way in amplifying our collective awareness that, not only are there agreed-upon fears and challenges, there also are potentially really good solutions.

You can download the entire survey report at our downloads store.

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