Plutocrat Ninja Move: the Conspiracy Theories

Doubt is their concealmentWe’re amazed at Plutocrat brilliance. They’re like ninjas.

Long ago, Plutocrats (landed lords and kings) created money to oppress the 99 percent. Today representative politics, consumerism and relative wealth keep us down. Relative wealth: So long as my income is more than that guy, I’m OK.

BAM! Conquered.

That’s the magic. Now the trickery.

Plutocrats hide their most powerful strategies in doubt. Then they go a step further. They create and define a system (representative government) supposedly enabling market control, wealth creation, jobs, supporting the poor, building infrastructure, conducting research and providing national security. Some of this they’ll actually do. Just enough to keep you happy. They invest billions of your income to do them, including financing the system itself. They call it “Democracy”, when it’s not. Wrap it in the flag. Call it “American”.

Next, they use this system to conduct immoral and illegal activity to build wealth and keep you in fear. Evidence of these activities – these conspiracies – are reported by corporate media as falsehoods. Just enough to sow doubt. Call attention to the game. You’re a kook. Branded crazy. Before long, the 99 percent is doing the Plutocrat’s job.

When was the last time you took a moment to think critically at a conspiracy theorist’s claims?

Mission accomplished.

Finally, the Plutocracy creates silly names for secret organizations – both real and imagined. They foster leaks – not too many – so theories about them are born. Thus completes the ruse. We, the 99 percent are left scratching our heads:

Don’t believe what you read on the internet. It’s all false anyway. For sure don’t believe people spouting conspiracies. They’re crazy.


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