Second Copiosis public meeting draws 3x attendance

It was standing-room-only at the second Copiosis MeetUP  In Portland Nov. 20
It was standing-room-only at the second Copiosis MeetUP In Portland Nov. 20

Last night’s Copiosis MeetUp drew three-times the number of attendees from the previous event, resulting in a standing-room-only crowd for the home event.

The attendees represented Occupy Wall Street Movement supporters, a retired police officer, a physician, educators, entrepreneurs, healthcare executives and more. The meeting, which was originally scheduled for 90 minutes, extended four hours as people were rapt with the innovation that promises seemingly amazing outcomes which includes transforming the global economy so that it works for everyone.

Perry Gruber, Copiosis Founder, presented the innovation via a “thought experiment”. The experiment explored utopian societies depicted in our popular science fiction stories, and asked the question “How can we get to such a society, from right here where we are?” His answer was a logical outline of the Copiosis innovation that held the audience attention for the rest of the night.

“A society that offers unparalleled prosperity for all people is available to us right now,” Perry said. “The alternative is here, we’ve begun the transition. Now it’s up to spreading the word. Many movements have demonstrated this process works. It will work for Copiosis too.”

This is the second MeetUP event held in Portland. The first attracted four members. Last night’s event saw 15 attendees.

Responses to the innovation ranged to neutral to highly supportive. Neutral respondents, were supportive of seeing the innovation implemented, but wanted more information on risks that seemed possible, including the potential for corruption, and the “unknown unknowns” that plague any new idea.

“The risks are real,” Perry said. “As with all new things, products, services or even ideas, there are bugs that need to be worked out and unforeseen problems that arise. As we’ve seen with every product and service launch, hardly anything goes to market flawlessly. We’ve implemented the lean start-up model, which has enormous advantages to getting things done. One of those is the ability to respond quickly and flexibly to problems, and iterating as we go. That means, we’ll be able to deal with even the ‘unknown unknowns’ with aplomb.”

Copiosis is an innovation that eliminates market externalities, spurs innovation, and holds people accountable for their actions like nothing else in human history. It redefines money and how money is used in day-to-day transactions while restructuring the Free Market and how it works.

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