Sexual harassment and Copiosis

Harvey Weinstein of The Weinstein Company, widely accused of records of numbers of sexual harassment. But not before netting somewhere between $200 and $300 million in personal wealth.

My friend Mark calls it “the dam breaking”. Finally, women are not taking it anymore. Men who have for years used their power positions to curry sexual favors (and not just in politics and entertainment) are facing the pink slip. And for good reason. Some of their acts are reprehensible.

Sexual harassment, as a reality show producer told me recently, is nothing but an abuse of power. It has really nothing to do with sex, he said. It has everything to do with “I am doing this to you, because I can, and you can’t stop me. If you try, I’ll destroy your career.”

I knew for a long time that sexual harassment in the entertainment industry was rampant. It’s just impossible that everyone in entertainment is a nice guy, and excellent actor, a wonderful producer to work for or with, or any of the other accolades actors, producers and directors throw out when talking about their peers during interviews. I think the same is true in politics and other industries.

Since sexual impropriety is about power, not sex, will such things be different in Copiosis where abusing power is quite difficult? Certainly we won’t see sexual impropriety happening like it does today.

But Copiosis is not a utopia. There will always be problems as people learn to live with one another. That said, let’s take a look at how Copiosis offers a better way to fix and prevent problems such as the sexual harassment pandemic that’s bringing down so many personalities.

For one, a person has no economic control over another person in Copiosis. A famous movie producer, for example, has no ability to negatively impact the career of another person, financially or otherwise, because he can’t control who gets what roles and who doesn’t. With capital goods provided to all at no cost, innovation going through the roof because of that, and opportunity literally exploding all around us in Copiosis, centralized control of industry as it exists in film, is literally obliterated.

What’s more, money doesn’t exist in Copiosis. NBR, Copiosis’ reward system, is non-transferrable and comes from society via an algorithm. Not your boss.

Film making equipment is available to anyone who can create Net Benefit though that artistic medium. So if you’re a great actor in-the-making, and demonstrate that promise to eager audiences (thus delighting them and creating Net Benefit in the form of entertainment) screen writers, directors, and everyone else it takes to make a movie are gonna want to work with you.

But let’s say you are a great actor, but you’re also a lousy person. You treat people like they are beneath you, you make ridiculous demands of those around you, and, you inappropriately interact with people, making them uncomfortable.

For a time, as people get used to Copiosis, you may be able to hide behind your reputation as a good actor (or producer, or director, or whatever). As people learn they get rewarded for letting others know about people like you, however, your reputation is going to quickly precede you…by virtue of our Reputation Accounts.

Photo credit: Jake Hills

Reputation accounts are living testimonies of one’s reputation as a benefit-producer…or the opposite of that. All Citizens in Copiosis have a Reputation Account. The Reputation Account is encrypted and records an individual’s activity and accomplishments. Only the Account Owner has access to this information. But the Account Owner may, at her discretion, allow access to portions of her Reputation Account to others.


Reputation accounts also include Declarations. Declarations are statements filed by other individuals about the Reputation Account Owner, much like eCommerce review sites like Amazon or eBay allow customers to rate products. Whether positive or negative, all Declarations are verified by the Payer Group for accuracy. Citizen Juries may be involved in this process. Once verified, Declarations become a permanent part of an individual’s Reputation Account.


So a bad actor in Copiosis will quickly gain a reputation as such as people make Declarations in his or her account about the messed-up things he’s doing/done with other people. And, since they’re reviewed for accuracy,  you can bet they will have weight.

Would you want to do business with a person who has a known and verified

How a better world works

history of abusing people he works with?

I wouldn’t.

I don’t think others would either.


And remember, those who file Declarations, get rewarded for saving others from the grief and pain of having to deal with such people. Eventually, presumably, people who file Declarations might also be rewarded when the weight of such Declarations cause

offenders to seek help. And remember: all healthcare is given to all at no cost to anyone.

Sexual harassment will probably be with us for as long as there are people. But that doesn’t mean it has to be this secret kept between abusers and the abused. Sexual harassment can be used as a tool for good: one that causes abusers and the abused alike to get help, thus making humanity that much better.

And that’s what Copiosis is all about: making everything that much better.

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