Stop complaining. Do something. Now.

The-80-20-Rule-Pareto-PrincipleActivity is frenzied at Copiosis HQ. While the growing team focuses on refining elements of the innovation, promoting our work, and generating awareness, people are asking what they can do right now to support the transition.

We have a growing action team undertaking our outreach strategies. Meanwhile, for those capable, we suggest becoming a patron.

Otherwise, joining the social group and learning more about the innovation helps a lot. There, you’ll get excited. From that, you’ll come to your own fantastic ideas. We’re working on a blog about that. Liking our page helps our outreach on social media too. Going to our website and learning as much as you can helps too. Following us on twitter does too. Again, your understanding gets you excited. That, believe it or not, really helps.

Remember the 80/20 rule aka the Pareto Principle? We have our own take on it. Eighty percent are complaining about the status quo. Twenty percent are doing something about it.

Andrew Yang is part of the 20 percent. He’s fired up. He’s about getting real public servants in political power seats. People who are focused on solutions to problems instead of perpetuating the status quo. Our solution represents comprehensive systemic change. It’s for the long-term.

Like us, Yang believes nothing good comes from revolution. Especially bloody ones. Power vacuums usually get filled by warlords. When Yang is successful, he will create an environment making Copiosis’ political strategy way easier to accomplish. No social or political collapse needed. Although right now, it sure looks like we’re in one. 😂

Copiosis and Universal Basic Income. Scott Santens has a great primer on the topic. Both solutions fit nicely. We like synergies. The majority are out there complaining about problems. Few are doing something about it. It’s the 80/20 rule. Yang and Santens are part of the 20 percent getting it done.

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