What happens to Corporations after The Transition

Editor's Note: Another question from an interested person prompted this posting   What takes the place of a corporation?  A corporation is in its most basic form a group of people who come together to achieve a common goal.  The problem with current corporations is the lack of accountability for externalities and their profit profile (how … Continue reading What happens to Corporations after The Transition

What about sociopaths?

Editors note: This post is in response to a question we received via Twitter   How do you keep sociopaths from gaming [Copiosis]?   In every society there are people who act in ways that are sociopathic. Some actually are sociopaths. Who knows why they are the way they are? In status-quo economies, we have to … Continue reading What about sociopaths?

All business can be green business

Making business green is easy in a Copiosis Economy. That's because it doesn't cost business one penny to be a green business. So every business is green. Green businesses are another benefit Copiosis Economies make possible. Copiosis. The American Way. Way better