Copiosis Turns One

We're one year old. Last year on Independence Day in the US, we launched our innovation as an alternative to the status quo. We've come a long way in 12 months. Not as far as I thought, but at the same time farther than I thought. Sounds paradoxical, I know. Our team has swelled. As … Continue reading Copiosis Turns One

Accomplishing the extraordinary (and impossible)

What makes people who accomplish extraordinary things extraordinary? Is it living free of commonly-held beliefs about success and failure? How many times are you willing to try something before you succeed at it? Three, three hundred, three thousand? How many years are you willing to work on a worthwhile goal? One, 10, 20? People give up after a few … Continue reading Accomplishing the extraordinary (and impossible)

What comes next?

Ask around and I bet you'll find someone among your friends' network who believes one of two things: 1. The United States is already in decline and will soon face an economic and social collapse of some magnitude. 2. The global economic system is stressed to the maximum by wealth disparity. Soon (though no one … Continue reading What comes next?

Story of Solutions points to Copiosis

In December 2007, Annie Leonard started a movement. Today, she continues the wildly successful "The Story of Stuff" with a new video "The Story of Solutions." That video takes viewers on a ride...directly toward Copiosis. Yes, I know. She didn't really mean to highlight traits of a system that can shift the world from a consumerist to … Continue reading Story of Solutions points to Copiosis