More evidence that a better world is coming

New York Times Op-Ed columnist David Brooks waxed poetically about a movement diminishing the role of government and introducing yet another phenomena that inches towards Copiosis: The peer-to-peer economy. Using examples Uber and AirBnB, Brooks acknowledges how people have lost trust in big institutions and what they offer. Instead, they're increasingly relying on each other for commerce, … Continue reading More evidence that a better world is coming

Inclusive Capitalism: An Oxymoron?

Last month, elites and a group of impressive foundations gathered in London for a neoconservative-sponsored event dubbed "Conference on Inclusive Capitalism: Building Value, Renewing Trust". The event has an impressive premise: Since the financial crisis of 2008, a significant debate has begun about how to improve capitalism so that it creates long-term value that sustains human … Continue reading Inclusive Capitalism: An Oxymoron?