The Best Future Where People Live Free

At Copiosis we are Universal Basic Income (UBI) advocates. But we believe the scheme offers a bridge to something way better: a world where money doesn’t exist and people are free.

We get how hard imagining a world where money doesn’t exists can be. But we know such a world offers tremendous opportunity for everyone. Not just liberals either.

So while people expand their consciousness so they can imagine what we know as reality already, UBI is a great tool to help them.

What’s great is, UBI isn’t new either as a concept or a practical implementable idea. UBI trials are ongoing all over the world. And they’re producing great results.

The UBI map

According to media outlet VOX, more than 20 basic income trials either happened recently or are happening now. And they’re revealing interesting results. The bottom line: giving people money with no strings attached works.

Trials are either underway or complete in diverse locations such as Brazil, Finland, Germany, Spain, Japan and, of course, many places in the US.

These trials show what UBI advocates already know: that people become quite entrepreneurial and innovative with money they get with no strings. Often they become more productive than before. This proves the trope false that people are lazy and must be forced to work for what they get.

The Vox article is an excellent, extremely comprehensive recap of UBI’s state of existence. We encourage everyone interested in this concept check this article out.

A better world: free

Given these UBI trial’s excellent outcomes, imagine what would happen if people needed no money at all to get what they need? What if people could get needed resources whether they were affordable or not. That’s the world Copiosis creates. The world Copiosis creates goes way farther than UBI.

How Copiosis Compares to Universal Basic Income

People get excited about Copiosis because of this. The New World Order Copiosis creates lets every person become their own leader, their own employer and their own person. No one need work for another. Everyone over time gets rich. Life improves for everyone.

Sounds like Utopia. It isn’t though.

What it is, is the best of every world happening on a restored planet everyone gets to enjoy.

It may be that humanity skips over UBI as a bridge. After all, here at Copiosis, we’re very close to our ground action implementation. That means, in a short while, far more people will find out about what we’re offering.

And when they do, we think we’ll see what we’ve seen among that small number of people who get what we’re doing. Our overt acts will galvanize tens of millions of people hopeful and excited for the world Copiosis creates.

It’s not a better mouse trap. It’s a new way of thinking about mice. A new way that makes everyone free.

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