The case for eliminating government – 6

ObsoleteI’m making a case for eliminating government, allowing its natural demise a la innovation naturally destroying the status quo by replacing it with something better.

We’re now deep in the optimistic aspect of my argument.  We don’t have to fight against government to achieve the justice and freedom we seek.  All we have to do is create something better.  That better thing has to be good enough to attract more “customers” to it than government does.

No easy feat.

Not impossible though.

Let’s look at how that could happen.  In our better thing, you’ll still need functions of force.  Death isn’t necessary, though, to compel people to do the right things and not do things you don’t want them too.  In fact, many of the things you don’t want people to do actually motivate others to do things you want them to do under the right circumstances.

Strange sounding, but true.

For example: There are millions of people who regularly volunteer to help domestic abuse victims. Of course, we don’t want people to abuse others in domestic circumstances. But that they do creates the impetus for others to do things we want them to, such as volunteering.

Can we create an environment where this dynamic is enhanced?

In the next post, I’ll share how this dynamic is central to our innovation and how our innovation makes government obsolete.


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