Time Always Favors Change For A Better World

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Photo: Joey Csunyo

We knew it would come to this, but it’s still surprising.

According to a leading polling firm, a majority of Americans support making sweeping changes to the political system:

61% say “significant changes” are needed in the fundamental “design and structure” of the U.S. government to make it work in current times.

That’s even though nearly the same amount of people say American democracy is working well.

When we started Copiosis back in 2013, we knew we were ahead of our time. We argued back then that America (and the world) needed fundamental change. And we were offering Copiosis as a viable alternative.

Back then a relative handful of organizations were working in a similar vein. Over the last five years, more individuals and organizations, including foundations have weighed in, trying to find a way to improve on the current system.

But it’s news that now most of America feels the same way. At least according to this poll. This comes on the heels of an already large and growing number of people who believe the answer to fundamental change is to (1) do away with capitalism and (2) replace it with socialism.

We think any historical solution is filled with flaws. Mainly because all of them –– communism, monarchies and, yes, socialism –– suffer the same flaws capitalism does.

But we get that people sometimes have a hard time sometimes thinking originally.

We’ve maintained this would happen in the future. We said more people would find capitalism challenging. We said as the shenanigans continue, we’d see stronger calls for something better.

  • When a confirmed misogynist and possible racist can become president, when an alleged sexual predator can even be considered for the supreme Court, when one already serves, then fundamental change is needed.
  • When a presidential candidate calls for the end of the electoral college, fundamental change is ripe.
  • When women march in the tens of thousands, fundamental change is nearing.
  • When minorities of all kinds, including transgender people, start winning elections, then, by golly, fundamental change has arrived.

This is just the beginning. More’s a comin’.

For now we have the majority of Americans calling for something different. Something better. Something fundamentally, structurally different in our government.

Welcome America. Take a look around. The future is going to be great. Because when so goes the government, so too does the nation.

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