Trump, Neo-Nazis indicate progress

There is no doubt that Trump, white supremacist groups such as neo-nazis and the “alt-left” represent a moral hazard to the United States. From a broader perspective, recent events are a great indicator that change…massive change….is being prepared for.

For those reading this from outside the US, a violent protest happened in Virginia. Here’s a fact-packed recap. It was followed by the most unstatesmanlike speeches a US President has ever made.

These events have further clarified how backward some elements of the US are. They are bringing to the surface long-held beliefs held by some Americans that run counter to what the United States purports to stand for.

Indeed, there are now wide calls for a cleansing of American symbols seen as blatant monuments to cultures and beliefs counter to a future world. Further, masses of people are coming together, awakening to, and realizing just how how much work there is to do.


All this is preparing the soil for massive change. Ten years ago it would have been unheard of, for example, for a Southern mayor and a Southern governor to both call for the removal of cultural artifacts celebrating US Southern Heritage. Maybe even five years ago. But that is exactly what is happening. More elected leaders are doing the same in other parts of the US. That’s just unheard of. But here it is, happening.

Verbal violence perpetrated by a racist US president, or physical violence perpetrated by armed thugs touting swastikas are both last-gasps of the dominant culture resisting the irresistible: the overwhelming tide of Fundamental Change. There is no way around it: change isn’t coming. It has arrived. Along with that change is a massive browning, not only of America, but the entire world.

So look. I’ve written about how our economic system is preparing the way. I’ve written about how politics is preparing the way. In that preparation, the old stories must fall. That’s what we are seeing play out in the United States right now.

Fundamental Change is a done deal. We are in gloriously unprecedented times. The world is becoming more and more ripe.



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