Rich Brown People: You Better Get On Board

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“The laws are “written the way they are to take care of boys they’re supposed to take care of,” Steele said. “The problem is they can’t say, ‘Whites Only.’”

That’s plain talk directly from a recent Time Magazine article wondering why there aren’t more high-net-worth people who are black contributing to political campaigns in the US.

When I read it, I was taken aback. But then, I realized how accurate it is.

The quote comes from Michael Steele, former chairman of the Republican National Committee.  Here’s something else he said:

“If someone is politically motivated, wealthy and not white, that person better play the political money game “the way the white boys are playing it.”

Which means, throw a crap-ton of money at politicians you think support what you support. Otherwise you’re doomed to suffer the consequences.

Now remember, I’m not against money, markets (capitalist ones) and government. I’m for something better than the dynamics this combination trio fosters. Part of that dynamic is how money influences the other two. Its influence is pernicious and uncontrollable.

One reason why it’s pernicious is because it separates cause from effect: in the political realm, it allows a wealthy person to make policies that can be very harmful to less-wealthy people, yet beneficial to the donor, without any regard for the consequences to the less-wealthy.

Like tax cuts.

It’s a macrocosmic version of what happens when a wealthy father enacts certain edicts in a family that are damaging, yet blind to the consequences or harm, ends up nurturing a Donald Trump, or a David D’Amato.

Crazy that the Republicans are talking so plainly these days.

It’s more evidence (to me at least) of how the world is ripening….for something different, something better, something more inclusive.

And as the world becomes that, you can bet there’ll be more plain talk “on all sides.”

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