[VIDEO] Forget Mousetraps: Think Better About Mice

More people feel excited about Copiosis. But why?

What is it about Copiosis that, once understood makes some people rabid supporters? Maybe it’s how it creates a debt-free world for everyone. Or perhaps people like knowing everyone gets their basic needs without paying for them. We know many people love how Copiosis creates a world where earning a living becomes obsolete.

And those represent just the tip of Copiosis iceberg. Beware capitalism, socialism and communism! Your ships sail in peril! Massive shifts Copiosis creates stand poised to sink you all.

Also in peril: planet-wrecking ways of being and doing that create value but obviously destroy the environment. But all of them get replaced by something far better.

Indeed, while these institutions face an existential crisis, Copiosis keeps pretty much everything we like about them. That’s why people love what Copiosis promises. Soon, the world will discover the new approach Copiosis offers.

It is a fully-thought-out, fully-baked-version of the future more people point to, dream about and want over the status quo. The ages old adage applies: we didn’t build a better mousetrap. We think different about mice.

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