(VIDEO) The Rich Want A Great Future Too

Copiosis and the one percent

Some say the rich will never do what’s right for the planet, for people and for society. These people think billionaires will only do what’s in their best interest.

But what’s in their best interest?

In addition to launching himself into space, Jeff Bezos recently gave $100 million to two Van Jones, founder of Dream Corps, and another $100 million to celebrity Chef Jose Andres as part of his commitment to give more of his fortune to worthy causes. His ex MacKenzie Scott who herself is worth $60 billion, already gave away $4 billion and expects to give away more.

Meanwhile, another billionaire who shot himself into space, Elon Musk, recently gave up all his property holdings. He now lives in a tiny house. His entire financial motivations already changed the course of the auto industry. Those intentions are doing the same for solar energy and battery technology too. The internet is next, with Musk’s intent to create STARLINK.

We believe the rich haven’t addressed capitalism, socialism and communism because, until now a better idea hadn’t exist. Wait until they discover Copiosis. When they do, people decrying billionaires will change their tune.

Copiosis offers everyone – rich included – a world where all people’s wealth gets retained by those with the wealth. But it also decouples power from wealth, leaving the wealthy with all they have, but no way to control others through that wealth. Once that happens, what’s possible becomes, as this person says, unlimited.

The rich are on our side. They want a great future too. Finally, there’s a way to create that future. A future where everyone wins.

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