We’re proud of our new Pinterest Social Media campaign

Should.001Our newest Pinterest campaign, which launches this week is inspiring. Titled “Should”, the campaign features artistic text treatments mounted on a common pastel background. Each Pinterest “Pin” features one of many main benefits Copiosis Economies offer communities and the world.

The campaign developed from hearing arguments for and against the Affordable Care Act. Throughout the federal effort to provide insurance coverage for more Americans, the debate has often questioned whether people “should” be provided a universal healthcare option. What we realized in listening to the debate is simple. It’s not a matter of “should”. Today, we can provide healthcare to all. And that benefit can be provided to all at no cost to them. Of course, this means transitioning to a Copiosis Economy.

We realized immediately that providing healthcare wasn’t a matter of “should” but a matter of “can we”? The answer to that question was “yes”, of course. Then we realized that people can enjoy all kinds of benefits at no cost to them. That includes the basic necessities, and much more benefits. Asking whether we “should” or “should not” offer such benefits is a red herring. That moral question is irrelevant. The facts are we can provide them. And since it doesn’t cost anything to do so, “should” doesn’t matter.

The nine Pinterest “Pins” are designed to appeal to women. That’s because more than 60 percent of Pinterest users are women.

The campaign begins Dec. 5 and runs for 12 days. Here are the full list of Pins:


Unemployment should.001 Teachers should.001 Shelter should.001 Justice should.001 Hunger should.001 Healthcare should.001 Environment should.001 Education should.001 Debt should.001 Business should.001 Basic needs should.001 Activism should.001

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