We’re Two

Happy Birthday Copiosis Two

So much has happened in the last 12 months, I’d say both Copiosis the organization and Copiosis the innovation look nothing like they did on July 4, 2014. I founded Copiosis by myself in 2013. We’re two as of Today. Yay!

Interestingly on this second birthday much about Copiosis has doubled :

  • The number of cities interested in doing demonstration projects
  • The size of our volunteer team
  • The number of books I have published or are in the works
  • The number of Copiosis online properties
  • The number of Copiosis Tours we’ve delivered

More interesting than the accomplishments above, we have succeeded in areas even I wasn’t expecting:

  • New working software ready to power our demonstration projects
  • We’ve more than doubled the number of people in our Facebook social group (tripled actually, but I wanted to stick with the doubling theme)
  • We launched our Patreon page where people can become Copiosis patrons for far less than a coffee a month. As a result we’re bringing in more than $150 a month in patron support. A great start!
  • Tripled the number of our YouTube subscribers

All that is awesome. Major thanks to all the volunteers in Portland, Chico and around the world who are investing their precious time to make Copiosis real for the world. Without them, Copiosis is just an idea.

What’s cool though about being two years old is we have a long fruitful path ahead of us. That’s exciting. With more people saying great things about our innovation, people we’ve not even met, I’m looking forward to being pleasantly surprised at what we’ve done by Independence Day 2016 next year.

We’re doing great. Here’s how you can join us and be great too!

  1. Learn as much as you desire about Copiosis and how it works. Start here.
  2. Consider starting small group meetings about Copiosis among your friends. Meetings can lead to a larger event, the Copiosis Tour or even launching a demonstration project in your community. Contact us to learn more
  3. Participate in our Copiosis Social Group on Facebook
  4. Subscribe to our new YouTube Channel
  5. Become a patron of Copiosis at Patreon.com/Copiosis

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