What about the boring nasty people?


Editors note:  The following question, offered by someone who contacted us recently:

I understand people must contribute to society in order to get Necessities. What if they don’t want to?  What if they are just nasty or boring people that no one particularly cares to be in the company of?

There are people like that. I have one in my family! And yet, people visit that person and take care of his needs.

I know of a woman whose mother died last Wednesday. She was the bitterest woman ever (according to her adult daughter). She smoked incessantly, always complained and criticized her children and generally made them miserable. And yet, her daughter (the one I know) regularly visited her and took care of her right up to her death. Even the most nasty and boring people have people who love them or at least are family to them. For those who are estranged from their family, their very nature contributes something to society: an opportunity for someone to earn income. There are plenty of people who would love the opportunity to crack hard-hearted people and help them heal – and get paid for it! Currently they work in social service agencies and nonprofits earning squat. Copiosis changes all that.

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