What can happen when money is no object

If you haven’t heard of Burning Man, you’re living under a rock.  Seriously.  Get out some.  Read more.

Burning Man is probably the premier exemplar of what is possible when people come together under what some critics my label a utopian ideal.  What’s remarkable about Burning Man is not its longevity, not its allure, not the fact that so many come and give of themselves to others in amazing ways.  What’s remarkable is the explosion of instances of people making other people better off all through the expression of their own creativity and passions.

Go to Burning Man and you’ll be transformed.  You may also come away believing even more in Copiosis.  Burning Man is just a taste of human passion, creativity, and optimism unfettered by markets, debt, domination, and control.

This video on Burning Man is featured in the Copiosis Today playlist on the Copiosis YouTube Channel.

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