Why I’m convinced money is on its way

The WhyTRIGGER WARNING: Die-hard “train of thought” believers aren’t going to like this post.

Physical reality is a funny thing. It’s so subjective, it seems objective. So it’s very easy to get into arguments about what we perceive with our senses. It’s so easy, in fact it’s best to just focus on my own beliefs and not try to convince others to see the world the way I do.


You’re reading this, and I’m sharing it, so while what you’re about to read may contradict your personal, subjective experience, that doesn’t invalidate it for me. I’m not trying to convince you of anything. I’m just sharing my “why”.

I’m convinced Copiosis is being funded by all the money it needs to be successful for a couple reasons. The first is, Copiosis already has over 20 people actually funding the work. If that number seems insignificant, (and I write the following with kindness) you don’t see what I see.

For me, 20-plus financial supporters mean that number can grow to 40, then 80, then 160…on up to millions of supporters. I’ve seen how this works. It’s just a matter of following the formula. (for those interested, the book From Impossible to Inevitable clearly describes this formula). But it’s also just a matter of how physical matter becomes physical.

I’ve been criticized for talking about parts of my background that are directly relevant to leading Copiosis. These critics say I’m boasting, throwing my credentials in their face, etc. What I’m really doing is giving evidence of my experience and background which lends credibility to my assertions. It’s just that my experience and background is unusual: it represents a path seldom taken. So people have a hard time with what I know.

One of the many bodies of experience I have is a thorough examination of subjectivity as the primary, fundamental aspect of physical matter. My experience is easily repeatable by anyone who wants to discover what I know. But it requires perseverance. I’ve been persevering at it since I was 15. So I know a thing or two about how this physical framework…works.

But the proof is in the pudding. I know the money is there already, funding all the things that make Copiosis Copiosis. It will become apparent to all in good time. And with perfect timing too. Just as everything else happens in the world.

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