Why people like this can make Copiosis work

hero unsungJohn German (pictured) is the Edward Snowden of the automobile industry.  He and his team are the people responsible for revealing Volkswagen’s successful attempt to thwart automobile emissions tests.  Well, successful until John German’s team got hold of a few Volkswagens.

I don’t know German, but I believe there are a lot of people like him who, if freed from the need to earn a living, would gladly hold people accountable for results they produce in the world.  After all, he’s doing that now while earning his living.  How much more could he do if he didn’t have to have a job?  How many other passionate people are there who would gladly do this work?

Seems to me every few years people like German, Snowden, and others, motivated by their values and passion to hold producers accountable, make a name for themselves by calling our attention to something we should know.

That’s why I believe most elements needed to make Copiosis a reality already exist, particularly the kind of people needed.  Very little needs to be invented.  We are inventing most of that stuff today, right here at Copiosis HQ.  The rest will be up to people who want to see this future, people with passions similar to German’s.

I have faith in people.  They come prewired to do things that are well meaning, that make a contribution to others or the planet (or both).  German is a great example of an unassuming guy who just wants to do the right thing, and make sure others do the same. Here’s his professional bio at the website of the organization he co-leads.

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