Why recent US elections are important

Late last year, in the era of “Trumpism”, eight transgender candidates defeated conservative candidates in elections across the United States. I normally don’t cross issues I care about, but in this case, the commonalities are worth noting.

If you’ve read my blog regularly, or follow Copiosis news, you know we depend heavily on non-physical allies to create events and experiences which further our goals. We also look to existing events and experiences through a particular belief-lens, which allows us to expect (and receive) events and circumstances favorable to our implementation goals. These elections are a great example. (Below is openly transgender legislator Danica Roem giving her victory speech in Virginia.)


“Trumpism”, like capitalism has galvanized a large number of people demanding something significantly different than the status quo. I’ve written about several reports from reputable organizations indicating growing dissatisfaction across the world with the way the world is. People are increasingly searching for something different from what they have. That’s what happened in the US elections this year. With “Trumpism” so prevalent in America’s social eye, our collective cultural demand for something more reflective true American values spoke loudly in those election results. I expect to see more of these kinds of results in coming elections.

Now what does this mean for Copiosis? “Trumpism” is effecting society on a global level. But not as much as capitalism is. As time passes, I expect even more people, even those not necessarily fed up with capitalism, will begin searching for something better. After all, there are just so many issues now seemingly indicating that the end of Capitalism may be near. An as more people start looking, our increasing capacity to make people aware of Copiosis will increase too, leading to a happy coinciding of those seeking finding their answer in Copiosis. For Copiosis offers everything for everybody.

That’s a characteristic I have yet to see in any other innovation proposing to do away with the status quo.

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