Why The Rich Will Easily Give Up Capitalism

Benjamin Franklin’s smiling. (Photo: Vladimir Solomyani on Unsplash)

Copiosis recognizes that socialism, like capitalism, takes from one group to provide for another. This is why the so-called “2 percenters” who essentially control our legislative process will fight socialism every inch of the way. A socialist agenda means their wealth gets “taken” – via a tax – then given to others.

Copiosis is not socialism. It takes a different approach. Copiosis gives the rich exactly what they want: unbridled, unregulated free markets, an end to taxation and minimal, localized government. The rich can accumulate as much wealth as they want. No one will take it from them.

Copiosis does decouple wealth from power – but since the wealthy are getting exactly what they want, what do they need power for?

What’s cool is, in Copiosis, when the rich get what they want, they don’t get it by taking from or depriving what others want. So there’s no reason for the poor, or even the middle class to revile the rich. Instead, Copiosis creates a level playing field where the poor and middle class can become rich too. While not threatening wealth the rich already enjoy.

Everyone on the same side

In other words, our innovation puts everyone on the same side of the table. Whether it’s unions and management, consumers and business, business and the environment, white and black, LGBTQ and straight or rich and poor Copiosis eliminates factors today which keep these groups against each other.

With everyone on the same side, everyone’s interests are aligned. After all, everyone wants the same thing: happiness, meaning, purpose, fulfilling lives for one’s self and their families and more. Today in many cases a person gets those things by taking from or restricting these things from another person or group. When that happens, problems show up instantly.

First they show up as fears which get proven true as people take from one another. Then fears trigger preventative actions – laws, barriers to entry, protests, strikes and walkouts – the actors hope will prevent the taking. But invariably, taking continues. That’s because no one solved the factor which started it all.

That factor is the combination of a money system which functions as a zero-sum game simulation, and beliefs people hold which makes “the other” an enemy, real or imagined.

The better economic framework is the one that puts all parties on the same side of the table. Copiosis does this easily.

Copiosis eliminates both

Some suggest the place we’re trying to get won’t happen until individuals change the way they think. We agree. It’s challenging though to change beliefs when reality includes evidence which perpetuates beliefs people must change. In other words, so long as people find evidence validating their fear and insecurity, they’ll hold beliefs creating fear and insecurity.

They’ll even make up false evidence to prove their fear-based beliefs as true. That happened recently in an online exchange.

One belief humanity must give up is “the rich will never change”, or “The rich have all the power and will never give it up”. Such all-or-nothing thinking works against creating a reality where those thoughts don’t hold true.

Thankfully, we don’t suffer from such beliefs. Which explains our growing success. We know such thoughts needn’t change before we see the world Copiosis creates. Both happen at the same time.

By creating demonstrations where evidence shows the future we’re creating is possible, we start chipping away at such negative beliefs. And the more demonstrations we offer, the more chipping away we accomplish.

Until such beliefs no longer plague humanity.

We’re eager for that day. In the meantime, we’re happy with how things are going. The day when the rich give up current economic realities is upon us. It’s happening easier than most think. And the momentum is increasing.

Stay tuned.

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