Why your neighbors don’t take action

Viable alternatives.001An old friend floored me with candor:

“Unfortunately, like countless others without other options, I have consented to exist and subsist, and even to try to take my best chances in the current system, lacking viable alternatives. That is the sad victory of the mainstream: to compel people to consent, however begrudgingly, to throw their lots in with the rest, because of a lack of viable alternatives.”

My friend is smart, keen on the issues. Steeped in economics, he knows dramatic shifts are needed. How is it then that he – like most people – resolve to go along, get along? More:

“Unfortunately, fear and scarcity are at the core of modern market and planned economics, and such thinking is deeply rooted in the human psyche, always driving people.”

He is not apathetic. Nor is he in denial. Whatever his state, many fill this boat, all pulling towards the waterfall.

When we talk with people about Copiosis, a select few see real possibility. They see enormous challenges, but challenges come with everything and those who see Copiosis’ potential see past them.

What stalls their involvement is their belief that others will fail to see possibility even though the people sharing such opinions themselves believe.

Back to my friend:

“Any economic system seeking to radically replace the market or planning as the core allocation system must have a serious and realistic solution to these problems in human nature, in my view…I have been very very interested in this subject for over fifteen years now, so a deep part of me would love, truly love to be at the center of designing, promoting and implementing a revolutionary and realistic alternative to our current divisive and ultimately, doomed, economic systems….”

Wouldn’t we all…but not if we have to be the first

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