A conversation with a young family

A young couple* in their mid -30s invited me to visit their 7,000 square foot home in Vancouver, Washington today. “Michelle’s” young son “JR” and her husband “Luis” hosted us to find out more about the company, the model and how Copiosis Capitalism™ works. Luis was quite skeptical at first, but the more he heard, the more he appeared to like.

It was hard to disagree with the common and persistent problems Americans face with western capitalism. As we rolled through these problems, both Michelle and Luis were nodding their heads. Luis, had mentioned the nature of corruption in his hometown in Mexico. I explained that that type of corruption is nothing compared to the persistent and mostly invisible nature of American corruption and after I explained with examples and statistics, he too agreed that these problems affect us all.

The questions Michelle and Luis had were common ones:

How do people get paid?

How do you motivate people to not be lazy?

How do you manage basic bad human behavior?

How do people achieve the American Dream?

What about the disabled and those who can’t contribute?

And more.

Of course, all these questions were satisfactorily answered. After our 2 hour 30 minute conversation, Michelle said “well, I really like it.” Luis was nodding as well. They have many more questions, and I’ll continue to answer every one. But it was clear that Copiosis had a positive impact on their thoughts about the future. We’ll see whether this young couple decides to support the effort.

*pseudonyms used to protect the identities of our supporters


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