A Single Father’s story

Jeff is in his early 40s. His wife fell in love with someone else so he’s a single father. Jeff helps large companies avoid environmental problems. Handsome and fit, in beard, plaid shirt, blue jeans. “Good question,” he smiles, when we ask what he’d do if he didn’t have to worry about money. “I think … Continue reading A Single Father’s story

An entrepreneur’s take on Copiosis

I had lunch with an entrepreneur from Los Angeles today. He runs an entertainment organization, online social network, and music entertainment events company. I was interested in having him featured in a Copiosis promotional video. During lunch he asked non-standard questions, all of which I answered. His response to the conversation: "People are going to … Continue reading An entrepreneur’s take on Copiosis

A conversation with a young family

A young couple* in their mid -30s invited me to visit their 7,000 square foot home in Vancouver, Washington today. "Michelle's" young son "JR" and her husband "Luis" hosted us to find out more about the company, the model and how Copiosis Capitalism™ works. Luis was quite skeptical at first, but the more he heard, the … Continue reading A conversation with a young family