Activism Is Joy When You See The World As Good

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Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

It’s fun watching the Copiosis team grow bigger and the innovation more well known. As Copiosis becomes more well-known, the team experiences more fun. More people want to be part of it and the more people getting in on the fun, the bigger Copiosis gets.

Activism can be fun, but only if you see the world as good.

We often say we’re “making Copiosis happen.” The thing is though, we’re not doing that. We’re not making anything happen. Copiosis is a done deal, although sometimes I slip and say things like we’re “making it happen”.

Having fun is fun

What we’re doing is we’re having fun while Copiosis emerges of its own power and volition.

Nearly every individual on the team is happy. We are having a good time. We’re not concerned about current world conditions, including economic strife underway worldwide, racially-charged anger around the world or the charged divisive politics and desperation born of white grievance in the US.

We’re not concerned about nationalism running rampant around the planet, the GameStop guerrilla war Reddit members are waging on billionaires.

Instead, we’re thrilled. The more things that happen in the way they are happening around the world, the more thrilled we get. The happier we get too.

Why is that?

It’s because when doing something you believe makes a difference you feel empowered. Many today feel helpless and hopeless. They don’t believe things are going well.

They see evidence confirming their belief. Seeing such evidence and feeling they can’t do anything about it leaves people feeling like they can’t do anything about what they see. They feel helpless. Seeing their leaders fail leaves them feeling hopeless. Before long, they give up and give in. Or fall into denial.

People collaborating on Copiosis feel different

Because we know the world is getting better, because we know Copiosis is a done deal, we know we don’t need to change the world to make it better. We see it already getting better.

Like those who see tons of evidence confirming their negative beliefs, we see tons of evidence confirming our positive ones. Our attention on things going well makes us certain that things ARE well. So our activism becomes joyful play. Not a fight to do what’s right. We don’t have to fight. We play.

Play combined with agency and plenty of evidence leaves us feeling empowered, powerful, hopeful and eager. We know we are doing something fun in a world that’s fun, so we feel happy.

Copiosis: antidote to despair

The greatest source of happiness is knowing that you’re contributing to your own life and the world in productive, valuable and progressive ways. I don’t mean “progressive” like that term is used in politics. Instead, I mean doing things that advance the world towards more and better.

We are all excited, and happy, and thrilled at Copiosis. And the more we do what we do, the more we see evidence to be thrilled, happy and excited about.

Some people see what we’re doing, how happy we are and how excited we are about the world and they say Copiosis a cult.

That’s funny.

Because if we are a cult, I’d rather be in it than out of it. In it, I’m surrounded by happy, powerful and effective people, all doing things that thrill us. We see evidence of the world becoming a much better place, our activism contributing to that and in that we feel joyful.

That’s a far better place than the alternative.

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