Beautiful Expected Results From CA Free Money Experiment

UBI the first step to copiosis
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Better employment. Lower unemployment. Higher health outcomes, particularly mental health. Less fatigue, higher well being, lower anxiety and depression levels and more…sounds like results of a Copiosis demonstration project underway.

But no. These results come from year one of a Stockton California UBI experiment. These beautiful results and more proved, along with several other UBI experiments around the world, what UBI proponents said would happen.

The premise give people an unconditional income no strings attached and watch how human well being, prosperity and productivity all increase.

For those who don’t know, UBI is shorthand for Universal Basic Income. The idea, which has support from luminaries such as Thomas Paine and Martin Luther King, Jr. presupposes that a country’s prosperity represents every citizens’ contribution of that prosperity. As such, each nation owes to its people an unalienable, unconditional right to a share of that prosperity.

Money for free?

Former presidential hopeful Andrew Yang therefore called it America’s “Freedom Dividend.”

UBI is the likely next step toward the Copiosis future. It’s an important step however. That’s because UBI continues dismantling beliefs keeping humanity tied to price, cost, debt, money, earning a living and two-way transactions like a prisoner to a ball and chain.

Getting money literally for free (with no conditions) begins showing people they needn’t earn their share of our world’s abundance. Of course, UBI still is currency, meaning it solves hardly any problems today which Copiosis eliminates entirely. And, it’s not really money “for free” any more than Copiosis’ “necessities at no cost” are “for free”.

Each human contributes to our collective prosperity. Therefore, they’re getting a slice of what they put in.

Beautiful evidence shows it delivers

Projects such as Stocktons show, UBI as a strong contender for humanity’s future. This article gives a good overview of how beneficial a UBI can be. So does this tweet from Stockton’s mayor:

Stockton’s Mayor tweets the projects beautiful results. Click here to see the original tweet

Where other UBI projects gave participants $1000, this one, funded by individual, private contributions, gave participants only $500. Still, results are impressive:

UBI is the first step to Copiosis
UBI is the first step to Copiosis
UBI is the first step to Copiosis

While we reiterate UBI is not the end of the road. It solves none of the pressing problems we’re solving with Copiosis. Yet, it offers such a huge difference compared to today, and it provides a natural next step towards the ultimate future that is Copiosis.

Read the full report from Stockton here.

Copiosis VS. UBI?

Interested in knowing how Copiosis differs from UBI? Check out our handy cheat sheet:

UBI compared with Copiosis
How Copiosis Compares to Universal Basic Income

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