Everything People Do Is Valuable; People Can Be Paid For That

Everyone’s contribution has value. But comparing value across different people is a bad idea. In Copiosis we measure results, not value. It’s a brilliant way of compensating everything people do in ways capitalism, socialism and communism never will be able to.

All contributions add value to the world. The Copiosis advantage is virtually everyone can get rich, if they want, by being human. In Copiosis, people can receive Net Benefit Rewards for doing virtually anything, not just what the market determines is valuable.

In Copiosis people get awards by results. Everyone can become wealthy no matter what they’re doing because everyone’s contribution creates value. In Copiosis that’s possible. It’s not possible in capitalism, socialism or communism.

In Copiosis, people can get awards for EVERYTHING they do, not just what “the market” thinks is valuable.

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