Behind the scenes in Athens, Pt. 1

It’s been about a two months since we traveled to Athens to speak at TZM’s Global Z-Day event. In this post and the next four, we reflect on what happened.  In short, we don’t think it could have gone better. There were many synchronicities throughout the trip indicating the trip would be, was, and remains a huge success. We’ll share these because we believe they illustrate important (some would say woo woo) aspects of how Copiosis is happening. They also support our assertion (which we write about in our transition plan) that we create our own luck, which is a key component of our transition plan.

When we received our itinerary, for example, we misread it. We thought it included a nine-hour layover in Paris. The itinerary didn’t include a nine-hour layover however. We just misread it. But we shared with our wife and friends that we’d have a nine-hour layover and wondered if we would have time to go to Paris proper to sight-see for the day. We were pretty excited about the idea of being in Paris for a day, even though our itinerary did not include a nine-hour layover in Paris.

Interestingly enough, our flight from Atlanta to Paris left Atlanta an hour late.  When we arrived in Paris, we missed our connection to Athens.  The result of that missed connection?  You guessed it: a nine-hour layover in Paris!

While we were taxiing into the airport in Paris, we struck conversation with the two ladies sharing our aisle. They asked us what we are up to and, of course, we shard about Copiosis. The two ladies were so fascinated with Copiosis, they complained that we hadn’t talked during the entire flight. Our conversation was brief, yet they both left fascinated and promised to look into the work. We took that as a sign that the trip was already successful.

We didn’t go into Paris, but spent the night in the airport working. Had we caught our scheduled flight, which departed within an hour of our scheduled arrival, we would have missed yet another, bigger synchronicity, indicating that this trip would be auspicious.

(to be continued)


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