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montageThings are getting good as we move through the US election year. And by good I mean crazy. 

Crazy is good for Copiosis.

We don’t remember a time when there was so much discord in both parties. With the  Republican circus seemingly unravelling, now, even the Democratic Party is showing signs of fissure. Check out this article and the comments spewing from it.

Barring some dramatic hail Mary play, Bernie Sanders is not going to be the Democratic nominee, let alone POTUS. As a result, “feel the Bern” is beginning to have overtones of literalness, as Sanders supporters appear to be not only calling for violence, but perpetrating such acts.

We must recognize such mainstream media reports could be establishment propaganda highlighting a tiny minority of people supporting the Democratic Socialist, while the overwhelming majority of Berners are peaceful people simply pissed about the American political reality. After all, we all know the Corporate media is owned by just a handful of large companies.  These companies are for the status quo. We believe the same is likely true for the “Bernie Bro” phenomena – it’s just feminist propaganda.  But we can’t prove it.

The real question is why is all this happening?

We don’t have any answers except the ones we’re going to make up. Which means, they aren’t the truth, they are opinion. We do believe our opinion is accurate though to the degree it can be.

First, why Bernie Sanders is not going to win:

First, like it or not, a HUGE amount of political, emotional, and historical momentum swirls around Hillary Clinton. That momentum had already been created BEFORE Barak became a contender. When the two went head-to-head, remember, there was a lot of gasping and frustration at the loss of a woman taking the White House. We wouldn’t be surprised if a House Of Cards-like promise was made to then Senator Clinton that if she endorsed Obama, she’d get the nod in the next possible election cycle.

From the June, 2008 New York Times::

“You can be so proud that, from now on, it will be unremarkable for a woman to win primary state victories, unremarkable to have a woman in a close race to be our nominee, unremarkable to think that a woman can be the president of the United States,” she said. “To those who are disappointed that we couldn’t go all of the way, especially the young people who put so much into this campaign, it would break my heart if, in falling short of my goal, I in any way discouraged any of you from pursuing yours.”

At that point the cheers, mostly from women, swelled so loud that Mrs. Clinton’s remaining words could not be heard. (emphasis ours)

Indeed, clearly, a black man in the White House had far more galvanizing effect for the country – and for Democrats – than a woman at the time. History seems to have proven this statement, given both Obama’s popularity and the vile rhetoric his presidency has received.

Besides, an African-American POTUS had far more historical momentum (think slavery) than a woman. For while (white) women suffered mightily under the white, male historical hegemony which continues today, they were never forced to hard labor like blacks, including black women, or treated as inhumanely. They were treated inhumanely, but they lose to blacks in the “pain Olympics.”

So from a spiritual perspective of momentum, redemption, and the balancing of the Force (to borrow a theatrical term), Obama was favored.

Now, it’s (Hillary) Clinton’s turn.

A balance in the Force is another reason why this time, it’s gonna be Hillary. There are so many factors at work, all showing how wonderful things are going today, you couldn’t make up a story with so many compelling moving parts.  These forces are acting from nearly every angle to raise public consciousness that the future must not remain in capitalism’s hands. We’ll touch on a few.

For a long time you’ve seen the right with its agonizing, only mildly camouflaged “from my dead cold hands” rhetoric, resist natural biological and mathematical forces which make it inevitable that white people will be the minority in the United States’ future.  Particularly white men.  It’s a birth and mathematical certainty.  This force has made some white men increasingly panic-stricken, not only because of the rise of brown people of all shades, but also a surging diversity of gender identification. It’s no surprise to us that criminalization and incarceration, murder, abuse, and vilification of Blacks and Latinos are media headlines and political talking points. It’s also no surprise to us that one of the most successful odes to diversity, the The Matrix Franchise, was created by siblings who came into the world as two white men, but have since cast off their provisional gender identifications for their true ones. Spoiler Alert: they’re both transgender women.

A whole lotta brown
The Matrix Zion Rave: That’s a whole lotta brown


If that doesn’t spin your head enough, there’s more.

The defeat handed by a black man to Republicans in 2008 and again in 2012 was unprecedented. Remember how Republicans struggled to field candidates who even had a chance against the Obama machine. Whether you like Obama is beside the point. Momentum is firmly in control as idealism is fueling redefinitions for what is actually possible.  This bodes well for a moneyless future.  No one could have predicted a black man would sit in the white house.  But to have that happen two times in a row had being-hit-by-lightening-twice odds. No one could have predicted a person like Donald Trump would take the Republican ticket. No one could have predicted that a woman would succeed a black man in the White House.

Yet here we are.


Humans have a funny way about them.  They know what they want, and they think they know how best to get it. But really, they have no idea.


Of course all we are describing leads to concluding a moneyless economy is a foregone conclusion, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, the story is just too good!

Back to 2012: in their delight we could see the “left” saying to Clinton “you gotta wait one more cycle” and Clinton saying “ok.”  Now she’s getting her due. She’s played along to get along.  Her believers are getting their due too: they too have played along.  In the process, those people who see humanity’s future as one where capitalism is in the past, where all necessities are available to all, where money is relegated to history books and where all humans and the planet enjoy levels of prosperity rivaling pre-history….well…we don’t think you’re going to have to wait much longer either.  You will have to wait, but the signs should be having you jumping up and down with eager anticipation. For your desires are being fulfilled!

So you now have an idealized group on the right, evidenced by Trump supporters. Never mind what inspires their ideology, they are playing a role.  On the left you have Sanders supporters. Both groups are going to be peed this fall because neither one is going to get their way. Well, they are getting their way, they just don’t realize it yet.  Humans have a funny way about them.  They know what they want, but they think they know how best to get it. But they have no idea.  What both sides want, to an individual, is freedom.

People want freedom to choose their own way as individuals.  They want freedom to believe what they believe.  They want freedom from others’ ideologies being foisted on them. None of these people are going to get that level of freedom from democracy because democracy – we should clarify that we’re talking both about REPRESENTATIVE democracy, which is what is practiced today in the US AND direct democracy (sorry direct democracy supporters) – guarantees that someone’s ideology is being foisted on someone else who doesn’t want it.  Government systems of all kinds also ensure that minorities (minorities are ALWAYS the source of progress/advancement/innovation) are restrained, meaning human progress stagnates or at best moves at an incremental pace palatable by status quo supporters, which is why Hillary is so adored by those firmly in control of the status quo!

And that is why Sanders won’t win.

But you should know this: he was never meant to win. He was meant to fill in some momentum gaps. To explain:

You have these two sides riled by disappointment. But in the middle you have the masses, who don’t quite get it yet. Does this sound familiar?  If you refer to our transition plan, you will see the product adoption curve. It looks like this:

The product adoption curve

We are seeing in both camps very powerful and very successful Earlyvangelist armies creating momentum necessary to reach the early adopters: the people who represent the success indicator that exists just prior to reaching the early majority.  The right is far ahead in accomplishing this.  Through Sanders the left is catching up.  Interesting report out of  a February 2016 The Atlantic Magazine article:

The most powerful lesson from the Iowa caucus results is that Democrats are facing not just a generation gap, but a Grand Canyon-sized chasm. As I wrote this week, age has emerged as the single most important dividing line in the struggle between Sanders and Clinton.

From the same article. It’s long, but worth the read:

In the Iowa entrance poll (which questions voters on the way into a caucus, rather than on their way out the door, like “exit polls” in primaries) Sanders amassed astounding margins among young people. He crushed Clinton by an almost unimaginable six to one—84 percent to 14 percent—among voters younger than 30. For those tempted to dismiss that as just a campus craze, he also routed her by 58 percent to 37 percent among those aged 30 to 44.

But Clinton’s margins were almost as impressive among older voters: she beat Sanders 58 percent to 35 percent among those aged 45-64, and by 69 percent to 26 percent among seniors.

That’s an even wider age gap than Iowa produced in the 2008 contest between Clinton and Barack Obama. In that Iowa caucus, Clinton also was routed among younger voters, but Obama stayed more competitive than Sanders did among those older than 45. On both sides, John Edwards, as a strong third contender, also somewhat muted the contrasts. In 2008, Clinton ran 34 percentage points better among seniors than with those under 30; this week, the gap was 55 points.

Obama beat Clinton by 20 percentage points among voters younger than 30, while she beat him by 25 points among voters older than 65, according to a cumulative analysis of the results of all the exit polls in the 2008 Democratic primary conducted by ABC pollster Gary Langer. Voters in the middle-aged groups divided more narrowly: Obama carried those aged 30-44 by 11 points, and Clinton carried the near retirement generation (45 to 64) by seven, according to Langer’s analysis.

But when it comes to piling up votes, one of these demographic advantages is much more useful than the other. Across all of the 2008 contests, according to Langer’s calculations, voters older than 45 cast fully 61 percent of Democratic votes, while those younger than 45 cast 39 percent. (emphasis ours)

This analysis says two things to us when it comes to the moneyless economy: One: To get to the moneyless economy, you MUST reach older voters, and older voters (who are, depending on your level of cynicism, more wise or more jaded/cynical/pessimistic) are going to want you to answer the question “how do you propose we get there?” credibly. Copiosis is answering the “how” question far better than any other innovation to date that we’re aware of.  The other thing the analysis tells us is the Innovators and Early Adopters in the product adoption curve tend to be young. Those in the early and late majority tend not to be. So from this perspective it should not be surprising that Clinton is winning, because she is the establishment and Sander’s “how” is just not credible.

By the way, on the right, due to demographics, early adopters defy what I just wrote because the right is predominantly made up of older people, who also tend to be white. So Early Adopters and Earlyvangelists on the right tend to look like the party: older and white and male.

Sander’s role is to generate more “heat” for transition on the left. That’s a good role for him obviously.

All this increasing momentum on both sides of the aisle, represented by massive grass-roots movements of discontented early adopter voters are creating a new reverberating tide of momentum. Just as in 2004, 2008, now in 2016 that momentum is calling for unprecedented – and for some unpalatable – change. Global events between the election cycles are adding ideological fuel to the fire that creates momentum. Among these are:

  • Unjust wars in the Middle East
  • Increased incidence of terror fueled by US and European hegemony
  • Failed states and destroyed ones
  • Drone strikes of questionable morality conducted by a Democratic Administration
  • Whistleblowers
  • Economic crises
  • Failed revolutions in the Middle East, the US and Far East
  • And more…the list really is kinda endless.

On the positive side, we have the following:

  • Resistance movements of all kinds objecting to these events
  • Unprecedented technological development indicating amazing potential futures
  • Increasing technological unemployment
  • An increasing awareness and understanding of what’s really going on here, growing under the radar but evidenced by increasing interest in entheogens such as Ayahuasca, practices such as meditation and other “technologies” such as Law of Attraction
  • The rise of scores of organizations of people calling for a moneyless economy
  • The one percent knowing what we know and doing something about it. Like the guy who wrote this. And the guy who wrote this.
  • And, again the list is kinda endless….

Indeed, the heat from all these endless “positive” and “negative” events is necessary to bridge the gap between early adopters and the mainstream, represented by the early and late majorities. Make no mistake: we will will eventually reach more and more members of the early majority.


This already is happening. We have been surprised at the number of people in our friends network who are not only following Copiosis, but paying close attention to the work. These are people we know. How many are following who we don’t know?


We know some cringe at this spiritual talk.  All we can say is be patient, it will all make sense in the end. And if it hasn’t made sense yet, we’re not at the end 🙂


So why is it taking so long?

Two answers. One: time is an illusion. It actually is taking no time at all. The other answer is because if it happened any faster, the framework needed to facilitate the answer(s) humanity is asking for would not be ready to handle them. Yes, we know these two answers contradict the presupposition of “no time”. But not from our perspective.

By now, many people reading this probably are aware that we have become more transparent about our spirituality. As part of the Copiosis website redesign, which we expect to launch on time (hooray!) on July 4, we will go into a lot of detail about our own, personal transformation in the “about Us” section.  A book is in the works about this too. Given that Copiosis is coming through us, it’s hard to stay silent about our perspectives, for more people are asking how we can be so sure and how we are producing the results we’re producing.

We know some cringe at this spiritual talk.  All we can say is be patient, it will all make sense in the end. And if it hasn’t made sense yet, we’re not at the end 🙂

That said, given our background and experience, we know that what is going on here in naive reality is not the whole enchilada. “Behind” this seeming “reality” is something much more, informing what is going on here. We’re not talking about the religious God, heaven, hell or any other religious cosmological explanation of life.  The reason this is important to begin understanding is your desires for something better than what we currently have (we presume you’re reading this because you, like us, believe a new future, one based on the RBE, Copiosis, or some other similar Star Trek-like economy) have been answered (by you) and the answer is a done deal. We’re all just going through the motions of bringing what you’re asking for into “reality”. These “motions” are part of the fun that is life. Life is not only supposed to be fun, it IS fun…when you understand what is going on here. And everyone has the capacity to understand what is going on.

As we wrote in a previous post:  Sanders’ campaign is setting off a new set of people, showing them just how much American politics lacks excellence. The same has been happening on the right for some time. Probably since 2004. Trump’s flame-fanning is a later, extreme stage. Both parties are either going to radically change for the better, or fall away all together as we move closer to the answer the momentum of your idealism is making possible. So keep it up. You may be in despair, anger, frustration or impatience about what is happening. Especially if you’re a Sanders supporter.  You may be feeling pessimistic about it all. We’re here to tell you that what you’d prefer to see happen in our collective future is happening!

In the meantime, there’s an interesting coordination happening, which is generating the  “heat” necessary to bring about your desires.  The coordination includes all that we’ve written about as well as the feel-the-Berners’ passion and resistance to what they perceive as a rigged process, the resistance (and defensiveness) on the part of the establishment to those assertions, the long-running passionate focus held by those who want to see a woman become POTUS, the energy of those in various states of despondency on the right, who just can’t bear to vote for Trump, as well those who gleefully will; the media attention to all this, and – most important – the attention of those in the early majority as they read about, write about and debate about all this happening. All this heat is creating new momentum.  Just as that momentum put a black man in the White House and now it appears to replace him with a woman, so will it create favorable public sentiment for the final group of disenfranchised people: those who realize the status quo system can no longer be relied upon.

This conclusion will also come if Trump wins.

There is every reason to be joyful.

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