A different take on the US politics

There’s every reason to be optimistic about where things are going. We’re moving along the classic product adoption curve as it relates to our collective future. Political leaders are doing their part. So are those who oppose your ideological beliefs. So are you.

How to find the cure: not just treat symptoms

My nose is running. So much so, I've rubbed my nostrils raw with tissue paper, terry cloths, shirt sleeves. Even my bike commute gloves. The cold I'm getting over is symptomatic of a larger problem: my body is fighting off a virus or germ. I could complain to my partner, have her make some chicken … Continue reading How to find the cure: not just treat symptoms

Are we eating our young?

By Don Vande Krol   The POTUS decided to increase the minimum wage of government workers by 40%. If wages can be increased with just the stroke of a pen, why not simply give every citizen enough money to buy the necessities of life - such as food and shelter? Some, who think about it, … Continue reading Are we eating our young?