Are we eating our young?

By Don Vande Krol


The POTUS decided to increase the minimum wage of government workers by 40%. If wages can be increased with just the stroke of a pen, why not simply give every citizen enough money to buy the necessities of life – such as food and shelter?

Some, who think about it, ask, “Well, where would the money come from?”

The answer is simple. Money is created through the production of debt. The stroke of the President’s pen creates additional debt.

But debts must be paid eventually, yes? How will this debt be paid for? Debt is produced when promises of future payment are given in return for goods or services received in the present. Debt exists as the gap in between “tit for tat” exchanges. Debt exists when there is an expectation of payment. When there is no expectation of payment for something received, we call that which is received, a gift. How many of us support government decisions under the illusion that we are receiving gifts rather than the increasing burden of debt?

Payment of debt in the form of money is simply an exchange of debt – a trade of one I.O.U. for another. In capitalist societies, this exchange of I.O.U.s generally involves interest added to the debt. When the government borrows money to pay workers, it is their future productive value which must be used as collateral. Essentially, the government makes a promise to pay its debts through the extraction of freedom from its citizens (debt peons). And because the government must pay interest on the debt to the lenders of money (bankers), there must be an increase in the rate of productivity in the future to pay the interest – which requires either more producing laborers in the future, more efficient production from laborers or replacing labor with machines (where human labor value is based on the creation and servicing of machines).

It seems to me that the human species is becoming one huge insatiable consuming organism. Like rats on an abandoned ship, through our increasing debt, we are already consuming the lives of our young. Those in government would like us to choose the kind of world their decisions create by offering us the illusion of their benevolence. Why not make a real choice, one that is different from the one being offered – a debt-free world like that offered by Copiosis?


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