More jobs please

Whither the jobsTwo activities consume our time on earth: sleeping and working. There may come a time when sleep is unnecessary. Never say never. As for working, that time is now.

Increasing numbers of jobs are disappearing. Technology obsoletes man. In Portland, just three years ago parking structures were once staffed by at least one person per booth. Not anymore. Manufacturing, engineering, coding, design. Yes, even home construction. You name it, automation either can or will fill the need.

Most of America, evidenced by our political leaders’ focus, hasn’t caught up with this fact. We still want more jobs. Mind-numbing, soul-sucking is ok. It pay the bills right?

Perhaps we’re trying to solve the wrong problem. Rather than create jobs so people can pay their bills, why not eliminate the bills? People think they want jobs. We think people would be happier if they didn’t need money to get the things that make life livable.



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