Why people want to work not job

work not job.001Work is effort. A job is something else. People today take jobs they would not take if they had a choice. They would still work. But not at that mind-numbing thing. Not that thing forcing them to follow that guy…the bad manager, the tyrant, the dick.

We say people are the same. Yes, we’re unique. But we share common interests among other things.

Perhaps you’re like a person I know. He’s a teacher. He spends his day in the classroom shepherding kids through our poor public education system, he’s also daydreaming about what he would prefer to spend his time and effort doing: training in martial arts. This person has a natural gift for the martial arts. He lives and breathes it and when he moves, it shows. I know if this person didn’t have to pay the bills – mortgage, car note, insurance, food – he would pursue his passion full time. He’s an amazing teacher at school. Gets fantastic reviews. But his heart is in martial arts.

Imagine if he spent his effort full time sharing his perspective on martial arts. Those passionate about such things would view him as a treasure. I know this because his martial arts students already do.

There’s a virtuoso in everyone. That person is waiting to express herself. The most valuable effort a human can make is effort aligned with passion. Jobs kill passion. Free people from jobs and they will work. They may not do what you want them to. They may not sit at a line putting irons together. They may not go down that shaft. But they will work. And the world will be better for it.

3 thoughts on “Why people want to work not job

  1. In my case im an electrician and I love the complicated heavy industrial work as I find it interesting and in an Copiosis society I would probably work 10 to 12hr days but I would take 30min brakes every few hrs and work with someone as a team which makes the day go by faster and more interesting but in the current fast paced system I dont like working over 8 hrs or even 6 for that matter but I have no choice over that.

    1. I’m the same. As an entrepreneur my work aligns with my passion. I’m working all the time. The division between work and time off is often blurred. I think when someone does something their passionate about – because they love it – they work harder and longer. If this is true, in Copiosis GDP would increase dramatically as people freely align their work with their passion. This is how we eliminate unemployment.

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