Copiosis Portland Presentation

I recorded this video presentation as a recap of the presentation I gave at the May 9, 2015 Copiosis Portland Tour. It examines tactics people have used historically to successfully change society for the better. It then explains why these tactics may now be less effective, opening the door for new approaches such as Copiosis … Continue reading Copiosis Portland Presentation

Are we eating our young?

By Don Vande Krol   The POTUS decided to increase the minimum wage of government workers by 40%. If wages can be increased with just the stroke of a pen, why not simply give every citizen enough money to buy the necessities of life - such as food and shelter? Some, who think about it, … Continue reading Are we eating our young?

Obama scores a 9.0 on SOTU pomp

The President of the United States of America (POTUS) scored a near perfect 10 on pomp and circumstance for his State of the Union Speech. It was of course light on policy and heavy on politics. Wether his administration and Congress picks up his "the year of action" theme for 2014 remains to be seen. Popular … Continue reading Obama scores a 9.0 on SOTU pomp