Copiosis Portland Presentation

I recorded this video presentation as a recap of the presentation I gave at the May 9, 2015 Copiosis Portland Tour. It examines tactics people have used historically to successfully change society for the better. It then explains why these tactics may now be less effective, opening the door for new approaches such as Copiosis … Continue reading Copiosis Portland Presentation

Redefining Peace Officer

There's been a lot in mainstream and social media about bad law enforcement behavior, militarization of local departments, and alleged overt harassment, brutality, murder, etc., perpetrated by members of these agencies. Not saying these things aren't happening. Still, should you be surprised law enforcement agencies are militarizing?  Should you be surprised officers are breaking bad? Should any of this be … Continue reading Redefining Peace Officer

Why Hong Kong protests aren’t important

  A lot is being made of events in Hong Kong. Here's why I don't think they're important. Overt protest is a bygone tactic.  They are events people create when they feel powerless to make a difference on their own.  And real difference always begins with one person—or, at best, small teams—working quietly. Overt protests are easy to … Continue reading Why Hong Kong protests aren’t important