A different take on the US politics

There’s every reason to be optimistic about where things are going. We’re moving along the classic product adoption curve as it relates to our collective future. Political leaders are doing their part. So are those who oppose your ideological beliefs. So are you.

Kindness, unkindness, and genetics

I get inspired when people ask questions that stimulate improvements to our innovation.  The following came to me via a Facebook post. How do we decide which human behaviors are more desirable than others? If it's true that our political leanings (the way we view the world) are heavily influenced by genetics, how do we then peacefully find … Continue reading Kindness, unkindness, and genetics

Why the 1percent aren’t to blame for poverty

Copiosis should not be seen as defending the one percent. Rather, we're clarifying realities. Underlying all our assertions is this: we are all culpable, creating and maintaining Status-Quo economies and associated political systems perpetuating the life-game called "earning a living". The only way we're going to make progressive change is declaring that game over and … Continue reading Why the 1percent aren’t to blame for poverty