Why we won’t stop making the world a “mess” . . . yet

I've made the argument that getting rid of government is a good idea.  I’ve also argued that traditional tools for sparking change—demonstrations, public marches, and such, as well as charismatic leaders leading the masses on a cause—are the tactics of a bygone era. If I'm right,  you are the only person capable of creating the world … Continue reading Why we won’t stop making the world a “mess” . . . yet

Kindness, unkindness, and genetics

I get inspired when people ask questions that stimulate improvements to our innovation.  The following came to me via a Facebook post. How do we decide which human behaviors are more desirable than others? If it's true that our political leanings (the way we view the world) are heavily influenced by genetics, how do we then peacefully find … Continue reading Kindness, unkindness, and genetics

Why anger can’t create lasting change

I recently attended, only briefly, a"$15 minimum wage" rally near my home in Portland. About 65 people showed up. They were of various backgrounds and age groups, but most of them represented the working class. What they also shared was an anger towards the status quo and resistance towards what they believe is something that must change "now". … Continue reading Why anger can’t create lasting change