Behind the scenes in Athens, Pt. 3

(Continued from last week)

The Z-Day event itself was….interesting.

Not particularly my kind of event as the presentations focused predominantly on how bad the world is today. Not very uplifting stuff. Peter’s presentation was thorough as usual. He spent his 40 minutes or so talking about the many ways capitalism causes real mental and physical illness in people. Again, not very positive stuff.

Honestly, our presentation, from our point of view, wasn’t that good. We’ve certainly done better. Our presentation was specifically on results we’ve produced in demonstration projects. We also gave a quick overview of the transition plan.  It focused on transformations we’re causing in individual participants and the number of projects happening around the world as a result of media coverage we’ve received. There was very little information in the presentation on what Copiosis actually is or how it works. There is rarely enough time to cover everything about Copiosis in less than an hour, especially now that we have demonstration projects underway so we figured we would skip an overview. That was probably a mistake.

Even though we thought the presentation didn’t go that well, the results argue otherwise.  Judging from people’s response, it served its purpose.

Six people approached after our presentation. They wanted to know how to start a demonstration project in their areas (Greece, Madrid, Spain, and Serbia). Another person wanted to know more about the Copiosis algorithm. We are currently working with some of the people who are working on their demonstration projects, while others are standing by.  We really met so many people we are still responding to them all.  So the trip has to be described as a success.

The event’s halo effect is still producing results.  Since returning to the US we have been contacted by a group in Brisbane, Australia, an individual in Germany and a very passionate guy in Finland. We’re in conversations with the folks in Australia and Finland as well as another gentleman in Germany.  The Fins have taken extraordinary steps to move Copiosis forward in their area, including entering Copiosis into a nation-sponsored “Wicked Problem Solving” contest wherein if Copiosis wins it will receive one million Euro to make the idea a reality. Not too shabby to have someone respond to the presentation so passionately that they took such a remarkable step.  Of course, it doesn’t matter if we win this or not.  To us it’s just another sign that the hundreds of millions of dollars we will need to make Copiosis a reality is on the way.

I think this quote, from an email someone wrote us after seeing our presentation online after the event, sums up the results we produced:

I’ve been involved in the Deep Ecology party, friends of the earth, a national organisation on mining exploitation in Finland, Global Eco-village Network and the Zeitgeist movement. In 2013 I experienced the most beautiful moment of my life when my son was born. On that cloudy day when the snow had almost melted, we brought a new human into this beautiful planet. Few days after the birth I decided that I will dedicate my life into bringing a sustainable lifestyle out and secure the future of my son and all the other children in the world. I’ve been looking for solutions since 2008 when I saw Zeitgeist Addendum. I knew deep inside that a NLRBE was the solution, but of all the bad news and no like minded people around me made me sometimes despaired. Everything changed in Athens when i heard you talk about Copiosis. I did not fully grasp it at that moment, but after further reading and studying I know now that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I got so exited that I could not stop watching the videos and read the webpage. I wanna be part of your amazing team. At the moment I cannot think of any better way to serve humanity (except planting my own potatos, redbeets and beans) Massive respect for your work.

Numerically, the event was successful for Copiosis too.  We have received a huge number of people subscribing to our newsletter mail list (at 300 now). Two to three people are joining that newsletter list every week.  We have added 50 percent more people both to the likes on the Copiosis page and in the social group. Activity within our demonstration project leads in the US has increased as well, particularly with recent followup activity underway. They have asked for more guidance and attention. We have responded with a document providing a process for advocating for Copiosis and the results are remarkable. Our patrons have quadrupled from 6 to 24.  Growth is happening everywhere.

Two more interesting encounters occurred at the Global Z-Day event that make the trip truly remarkable.  In short, the trip was another inflection point for Copiosis. In the next installment, we’ll explain why.

(To be continued)


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