Behind the scenes in Athens, Pt. 4

Zday graphic(Continued from the previous week’s post)

Generally, people are excited about Copiosis once they understand what it offers and how it works. They love the detailed, thoughtful approach which offers something far better than today, yet, with enough common features to make it far more palatable than some technocratic utopia offered by others or locally-focused intentional community designs. That said, what really puts them over the edge, converting them into supporters, is the transition plan we’ve designed and described for making Copiosis a reality.

They read the transition plan and come away convinced ours is the best option for making the future they want to see reality. They can’t deny proof of its effectiveness either. Though the numbers are still small, our progress is undeniable in most areas you’d want to see progress. Some consider our rapid progress astonishing. So our results coming out of Z-Day in some sense could have been anticipated.

Copiosis is now in North America, Northern Europe, Australia, Japan, and Southern Europe. Africa and South America remain, but we’re confident it will happen in these areas too.

Which brings us to the biggest result, in our opinion, stemming from our time in Athens.

Our transition plan speaks to needing the support of 1-3 high net worth individuals willing to give millions of dollars to Copiosis to fund our work, particularly phase II and III of our plan. We shared this in the event. It was not well received, as Peter Joseph the founder of TZM believes entrepreneurship is “violence”, business is generally evil and money is ultimately corrupting. After the event however (and in subsequent email conversations), several TZM members approached to say they feel that money is an important tool to make the transition happen. They applauded us for saying what we said (some of these people are now Copiosis Patrons) and encouraged our work.

One of these people who approached us after our speech identified herself as a high net worth individual. She said she has $2M USD she is looking to invest in something and came to the event to see if there was something worth investing in. We had a two-hour long conversation about this privately. This person likely will not invest as her net worth isn’t high enough to make an investment feasible.

Another person approached us (we are shortening the details of this meeting and how it came about, but the details are quite spectacular in a “it was meant to be” way) to say he is “closer than family” with a billionaire owner of a bank in Turkey. He said he is trying to convince this person to invest some of his billions in something and wanted to see if there was something that he could invest in at this meeting. This person has invited us to write a proposal to the banker as he believes he could get this person to invest in Copiosis if the proposal is sound.

Whether this person invests or not is equally irrelevant. Both opportunities are signs indicating a future where the money we’re to fund Copiosis shows up. How can we write this with a straight face?

Well, in the summer of 2014, a prominent author contacted us to interview us about Copiosis. This author also produces a podcast downloaded by almost 200,000 people. He never did the interview, but we saw that as a sign that other, better opportunities were on the way. Indeed, since then we have had three radio interviews, and received information that will allow us to reach hundreds more radio stations, blogs and other news outlets. So from that initial invite, though it hasn’t yet materialized, there have been other opportunities which have caused us to reach an even larger audience than the prominent author had offered.

So we would say the fact that we were invited (on a recommendation of Peter Joseph) to attend the Athens event speaks volumes. That we had all the above results described in this series of posts further illustrates that our strategy is sound and is working.

So that’s our perspective on what happened in Greece. That’s it for now. We continue to march forward with exciting plans for the future.

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