Black People Say That Our Economy Needs A Complete Rebuild

Capitalism isn’t friendly to minorities. At least that’s what one minority group believes. In fact, they think Capitalism needs a complete do-over according to a research group’s survey conducted late last year.

Is this another sign that people are readying for Copiosis? Let’s take a look.

Pew Research conducted the survey last summer. It showed Black Americans have more negative views than other minority groups about Capitalism.

Poll results say Black Americans believe Capitalism does not treat Black people as well as other races. In fact, this negative impression reflects a 40 percent increase in negative views about Capitalism among Black Americans over the previous year. Other ethnic groups expressed increasing negative views on Capitalism during the same period, according to Pew. But the uptick was more pronounced among Black Americans.

The polling research showed something else interesting, though not unexpected:

The 2022 survey found that Black adults were the only racial or ethnic group more likely to view capitalism more negatively than positively, and also the only group more likely to view socialism more positively (52%) than negatively (42%).

Pew Research

Black Americans: a bellwether?

Black Americans say major changes to the system are needed. Over 80 percent of Black adults (83%) said the economic system needs improvement. In fact, well over a third (37%) said the US system needs a complete rebuild. The other 46 percent said it needs major changes. While another 11% said the system requires only minor changes.

But Black Americans aren’t confident such changes will happen. Sixty-two percent said these changes are a little or not at all likely to happen. Only a quarter think they are somewhat likely to occur. And 12 percent said such changes are extremely or very likely to occur.

Meanwhile, many Black Americans find themselves financially insecure. In an October 2022 survey, roughly almost 70 percent of respondents said their personal finances were in fair or poor shape. Three-in-ten (31%) said their finances were in excellent or good shape. Regardless of respondents’ age, gender and educational background, Black adults were more likely experiencing financially poor health.

As dire as these numbers sound, they represent good news from a Copiosis perspective. For one, it’s clear Black Americans are ready for something different. But they don’t have much hope “something different” will happen. So at least this minority group stands ready for something better than Capitalism. Even if they don’t think it will happen.

Copiosis sells hope

The lack of hope Blacks have leaves them perfectly positioned to hear about Copiosis. Long ago, I suggested that Copiosis sells hope. It offers people a potential solution to people’s despondency. We’ve proven, albeit in small cases, that people will “buy” that hope.

The more we keep doing what we are doing, the more mainstream people will warm to our cause. That’s because “the mainstream” includes Black Americans. That Black Americans see little hope in changes they want happening in their lifetime indicates an opening with mainstream America. That means they’re eager to see changes, but don’t know where it might come from. In other words, when they see what’s possible with Copiosis, they may find their hope rekindled.

That rekindled hope can turn into amazing momentum. That momentum can help propel our innovation into the mainstream. Then cause others to find out more about what Copiosis offers.

Of course, Copiosis will help everyone, not only Black Americans. That said, I think it will be those most poorly served by Capitalism who will enjoy most what Copiosis offers. That enjoyment will spark wider awareness and acceptance among mainstream Americans too. That’s because mainstream American lives will get better in a Copiosis economy too.

The world is getting ready. So much evidence proves that happening. Hopefully you’re seeing the evidence and getting more and more excited about our future too.

The future that is the New World Order.

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