Why We’re Taking Over “The New World Order”

Photo by Harri Kuokkanen on Unsplash

Some people criticize our appropriating “The New World Order” as a descriptor for our innovation Copiosis. They fear how a populist fringe defines that phrase.

I get that fear.

But we don’t entertain fear. If we did fear, Copiosis would have never gotten off the ground. Instead, we’re redefining EVERYTHING. In fact, that was one of our early tag lines. Remember? We’re “Redefining The American Way” we wrote as early as 2013.

It’s no joke. Our plans include redefining everything about how society works. It re-orders how society relates to the planet. Meanwhile, it also re-orders how people relate to each other. Hell, Copiosis re-orders the very essence of how people live!

It IS a new order

So despite how others define the phrase, “The New World Order” accurately describes what Copiosis does and is. The old doesn’t exist in a Copiosis economy. Across every sector, Copiosis reorganizes how things happen.

In Copiosis, people no longer need to work for a living. Taxes don’t exist in Copiosis, yet all government functions we want continue. What’s more, all those functions function better than before. That’s because people doing those things do them because they want to, not because they’re getting paid or because they must do them to make ends meet.

Copiosis as The New World Order. Some of our earliest marketing material talked about (re)defining the American Way. This isn’t a new idea.

People needn’t pay for anything they need. Yet, those providing them get rich. Crime nearly disappears in Copiosis. As does poverty. Copiosis reinvents healthcare and social security. Furthermore, our economic sectors become far more efficient.

We could go on and on. The point is, Copiosis IS a new way. It reorders the world and how people live in it. Other than “Copiosis” there’s no better term for Copiosis other than “The New World Order”.

That’s exactly what it is.

Where controversy exists so does attention

Finally, someone once said “All news is good news. Even bad news.” Those thinking The New World Order represents some kind of crazy cabal will help Copiosis. When they go ballistic, they will amplify our publicity. And when ordinary people look into Copiosis, they will realize the paranoid don’t know what they’re talking about.

Someone in the Copiosis Social Group once said society is mainly composed of people who are rational. They want good lives. They love their kids and want a better future for them. Generally, they’re good people. I agree.

These people represent those who will love Copiosis. Once they overcome their fear of something new.

And they will, once they look into it. Our demonstration projects will help too. And when such people no longer fear, they will embrace the innovation. When that happens, well, our job will be mostly done.

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