Good Reasons Why Despots Can’t Take Control Of Copiosis

At least one person we know worries someone might try to take control of Copiosis. They claim a person could bend it to their will. They might try taking it over to control people. Or enforce an ideology on everyone else. They might try to curtail people’s freedom or their autonomy, this person claims. This person also worries Copiosis could devolve into a China like communist system.

All this is highly unlikely. Here’s why.

A successful Copiosis economy is near impossible to reverse once it starts. There are too many positive outcomes benefiting too many people. These outcomes make changing it very hard. Additionally many designs within Copiosis keep the system improving once it starts. Hardly any of these designs are punitive.

That’s the beauty of The New World Order. Its freedoms, wealth, planet-restoration incentives and more make it something pretty much everyone will want to have, and keep once they experience.

Earlyvangelists already experience this in their imagination. That’s why they love Copiosis. But some will believe it only when they see it. Most people fit that mold. So living in Copiosis will convince everyone.

Except those who want to control others.

Controlling others: A dysfunction

Dysfunctional families breed such people bent on controlling others. Heading such families are parents formerly raised in similar families. Such families create insecure, negative, fearful, and vengeful people. People who think they must control others. Folks who think the world is a scary place, or is against them. These people live in pain. It’s pain born of self-hate. And hate for their parents.

So they try relieving their pain by inflicting pain on others. Or trying to control people. By controlling others, they think they’ll be safe. That never works, of course. Not in the long run.

Thankfully, in Copiosis, those people can get therapy. Doing so costs them nothing.

Such people usually attract similar people to them like moths to a flame. But in every case throughout history, gangs of such people don’t get far. Stemming their progress today happens slowly sometimes. That’s only because many factors in today’s world make stopping them difficult.

Those factors don’t exist in Copiosis. In fact, so many features exist to help maladapted people heal themselves, we’d be surprised if the number of maladapted people doesn’t plummet after implementation. It’s these same features that prevent people from using Copiosis to oppress others.

So over the next eight weeks, let’s examine these features in detail. Taken together it will be clear: it’s very difficult if not impossible to reverse the New World Order once it’s in place. Let’s start with number one:

1. Copiosis is built into the Constitution.

We the people…A snapshot of the U.S. Constitution.

A country adopting Copiosis will make it part of its constitution. Most countries operate on Rule of Law. Many of them have constitutions. So amending the constitution to make Copiosis the law of the land makes sense.

Anyone serving in democratic federal service swears to defend the Constitution. Those people and agencies in which they work still exist in Copiosis. They’re just no longer “Federal”. But their members still swear an oath to defend the Constitution.

Anyone therefore trying to “take over” and control Copiosis in ways different from how it’s designed to work would be guilty of, attacking the constitution. Especially if force is attempted.

See, for example, how those involved in the Jan. 6 insurrection are being brought to justice. Even the former president now faces several indictments. His attempts to thwart the constitution and democracy has landed him in a lot of legal trouble.

In Copiosis, the response would be much, much more swift. Well before a Jan. 6 event kicked off, many, many people would take action to thwart a would-be malcontent.

The biggest factor

Making Copiosis part of a country’s constitution is a powerful deterrent. It enshrines the system in law. Getting it in the constitution would require a big part of the county saying yes to it. So the majority would support what Copiosis offers.

Those unwilling to go along with Copiosis don’t have to, however. Those living in Copiosis will enjoy lives more than those who don’t. They’ll enjoy more freedom. People will enjoy more wealth. And less crime. So they’ll be safer.

Which is why we’re happy today. Today’s US political divide is prescient. Ideological and cultural divides are too. Florida, Texas and other “red” states already are creating divides Copiosis would create. So they are great indicators. Repeating ourselves: the New World Order is already underway. Right now.

Copiosis will likely divide any nation. Progressives will love it. So will some less-progressive people. But others will not like it. Some will hate it even. So much so, they might want to upend it.

And that’s why Copiosis must be part of the constitution. It must become law. But also must allow people to opt out. Opting out will probably require people moving to or from the Copiosis region. Today’s red and blue state dramas play out early versions of what must happen if we are to see Copiosis happen.

A constitutional amendment creates powerful disincentives. Those who might try overthrowing Copiosis will know this. Perhaps they’ll take pause. If not, even more powerful features come in. Let’s look at those next week.

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