Why And How Spirit Shields The New World Order

Photo by Omkar Jadhav on Unsplash

Whaddya know, this is the final part of our ten-part series on how Copiosis protects itself from despots. Haven’t read the other parts? Here’s part one.

If you have read every one, we think you now see how it’s impossible for someone to take over the New World Order. Once it’s running the deal’s done. That’s because Copiosis makes life great for everyone. Life gets so great we think people will defend Copiosis with their lives. Just like they defend capitalism and democracy today.

But the New World Order offers far more than capitalism or democracy ever could. So don’t you think people will defend Copiosis even more?

We do.

A lot more than people protect Copiosis. Features inherent in the system protect it too. So do designs which make it impervious to disruption. We said in earlier posts that the main thing protecting it was how fun life gets for everyone. But there’s one other thing that really IS the main thing protecting Copiosis from being overthrown. That’s what we’re looking at in this post.

It also happens to be a major distinctive element separating Copiosis from other ideas for better human futures. That is that Copiosis is based on “Mystical Truths”. Mystical Truths underlying All That Is. That Animating Principle underlying All That Is also fortifies Copiosis. Let’s look at what we mean by all that.

Number 10: The Animating Principle wants the New World Order

The New World Order is a foregone conclusion. It offers tremendous freedom and wealth for everyone. This represents continuing trends throughout human history. Have you noticed? The world is getting better and better for humanity.

Yes, we face some major problems today. All those problems are man’s doing. But history has shown we’ve overcome all previous problems. Even man-made ones. How is that possible?

It’s possible because humanity, and everything else in the cosmos, is perpetuated through this Animating Principle. Some call it God. Some call it Nature. Others call it Allah or spirit. No matter what name we slap on it, it’s there. It’s there presiding over the unfolding of all that is.

This Animating Principle is pre-disposed to “improvement, growth, new-ness”. As such, life must get better. And so it does. And, since this Animating Principle has always been and will forever be, it enjoys tremendous momentum. So this “improvement” is just part of life. It’s part of nature. It’s also part of humanity.

Humankind creates problems for itself. But overcoming them is inevitable. Copiosis is inevitable too. So we expect it to happen. And last. (Photo by Omkar Jadhav on Unsplash)

We get it

Understanding all this, we built Copiosis aligned with this momentum. Our implementation plans also are aligned with it. Have you noticed how patient we are? That’s because we know nothing lasting happens quickly. That which lasts lasts because the Animating Principle allows and perpetuates it. In other words, all the cooperative elements supporting this principle line up along its intents. As a result, there’s a lot of power in that momentum. A lot of perpetual power.

One who aligns with that momentum enjoys that same power. When such a person uses that power to create something, they infuse that thing they create with that momentum. When two or more people so aligned create something, that momentum is amplified.

So there’s tremendous momentum behind Copiosis. Call it supernatural. Call it woo woo if you will. No matter the name, the phenomenon is real. That phenomenon is inevitable too. Nothing can oppose it because it’s built into reality. It is literally the source from which reality springs.

So once something like Copiosis happens, it represents that improvement mentioned before. Going back to something prior to it, therefore, can’t happen.

History has proven this time and time again. Systems get better. Governments get better. Civilization improves. Innovation constantly creates more and better. How would the way we live not also improve? How would the way we allocate resources not follow similar patterns? Indeed, both do.

That’s what Copiosis represents. It’s an improvement in how we live. It’s an improvement in how we allocate resources.

That Animating Principle is at the heart of Copiosis. Copiosis rides on the principle’s momentum. So there’s no going back once it is in place. We can’t go back. Going back opposes the nature of All That Is.

And All That Is always wins in the end.

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