Freedom Is A Powerful Elixir In The New World Order

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Last week we looked at one reason why taking over Copiosis would be very difficult. Building Copiosis into the constitution makes it Law of the Land. So anyone trying to overthrow or take it over would be guilty of breaking the law of the land.

That’s a strong deterrent, as many, many organizations and people exist, ensuring people follow the law. But, if that’s not enough, many other features exist making a takeover highly unlikely. Let’s look at another this week.

While the first reason is potentially more punitive, this next one offers a carrot instead of a stick. Good news is, that carrot is mighty sweet. And Copiosis offers many such carrots. And all of them work together. Their combined function creates a world where life is great. Great for everyone, no matter what their ideology.

Which is why we ask: if everyone is far better off, why would people want to take it over? Of course, we answered that in the first post. Some people raise other people who become insecure. Out of that insecurity, they believe controlling others will make them feel better.

They can try that in Copiosis. But it’s not likely to work. Especially if they want to take the system over. Here’s the second reason why such plans will likely fail:

Number 2. Abundance, Generosity And Freedom get built in.

Copiosis’ inherent design fosters extreme levels of abundance, generosity and freedom. In addition, Necessities, Luxuries and Capital Goods are privately owned. So many different people own so many individual resources, it will be very difficult to organize in secret enough resources to take over the system. That’s because all these people would need to agree to keep the secret. Would every single person do that when their lives are so good? Even one? Won’t someone spill the beans?

Let’s say someone wants to take over the algorithm function. That function manages and updates the algorithm. Input from people around the world contribute to that function. Let’s say an individual or group doesn’t like decisions that group makes, so they want to take it over. Doing so they’d control how much Net Benefit Rewards (NBR) people get.

How will they take it over though?

In Copiosis no one needs to listen to anyone else. There are no such things as “bosses” as there are today. What’s more, only people who thoroughly understand Copiosis can contribute to the algorithm function. Reputation accounts and demonstrated performance over time ensures that. And, people already in that function would catch well in advance, any attempts to subvert the system.

In other words, if a person doesn’t have the background, he’s not going to get into that function. And should he, then try to take it over, he won’t get far.

Our freedom is far more expansive in Copiosis. That’s one of the many carrots it offers. (Photo: Rawpixel)

Where’s the leverage?

A nefarious person, therefore, would need to demonstrate skill and competence in the algorithm processes to get close enough to take it over. Then, somehow, they’d need to convince others stewarding the algorithm to do what that person wants. Let’s assume they do that. What outcome would they create?

Well, they can’t limit people’s freedoms through the algorithm. The algorithm only determines how much NBR people get. People don’t need NBR to enjoy freedom. But how much NBR they get does determine how many and what kinds of Luxuries they can enjoy.

Do you think people would be ok with one person trying to limit Luxury consumption? Do you think others in the algorithm function will allow that? We don’t.

Changing the algorithm to limit freedom demonstrates poor competence. Node members will ignore anyone trying to do that. If they go along with the person members might face other, more severe community sanctions. The public could punish all of them by cutting them off from Necessities, for example. As we’ll see later, that can be a very harsh punishment.

Freedom as Copiosis defines it.

It’s about freedom

Again, the Copiosis algorithm and basic assumptions behind it lean almost exclusively towards generosity, abundance and freedom. Any attempt using the algorithm to limit these will definitely get the side eye. You can bet watchdog groups will be on the look out for such people too. Watchdogs get lots of NBR because their passion creates a lot of Net Benefit Value (NBV). They keep the system free of exactly the people who might want to nefariously control it.

This dynamic goes on throughout the Copiosis Organization’s administrative activities. It also happens throughout the economy. Copiosis functions likely will be distributed around the world. People running those functions will be there through demonstrated competence, watched by watchdogs and whistleblowers. And, anyone trying to subvert the system will be found out pretty quick. Because they’ll stick out like a sore thumb. And because a lot of people will be looking out for such actors.

Freedom is a powerful elixir. Notice how well it works to support capitalism. The same will be true in Copiosis. Despots can’t take it over because they’ll be fighting freedom. That’s a fight everyone loses.

Today we looked at how freedom is a powerful elixir. The New World Order makes everyone so free, no one in their right mind would want anything different. Next week, we look at another tool Copiosis uses to prevent scoundrels from taking it over.

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